About the Author

The author has had the good fortune over his decades to have experienced significant travel overseas, mostly to Europe, and in the continental United States.  He spent two years in Germany in the early 1970’s while in the U.S. Army and then made business trips to Europe, Australia and Latin America while working with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.  By the late 1990’s he was in a position to enjoy (take) personal travel on a strictly vacation basis.

These initial vacations were only memorialized by lots of photos,  lodging bills and credit card statements.  While in Provence in 2013 he recorded a daily journal for posterity only to decide to combine the photos and daily notes into a travelogue, “September in Provence“.  Why not share the experiences with others.  If nothing else share the photos and daily adventures.  Moreover, why not demonstrate and inspire others to strike out on their own to enjoy an extended DIY trip to explore in depth a dream destination and to relish the rush and apprehension of going a little “native.” 

Charles Anderson

Corona Del Mar, California

Medical Practice Administrator

University of Maryland and Harvard’s Kennedy School


Proficient in French

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